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LIGHTHOUSE LOCATION Open To Public Phone # Access
Baker Island Cranberry Isles - Acadia National Park No 207-288-3338 OFFSHORE IN ACADIA NATIONAL PARK
Bass Harbor Head Mount Desert Island, near Acadia National Park Grounds Only   ACADIA NATIONAL PARK/ROUTES 3 AND 102
Bear Island Northeast Harbor; Nearest town: Northeast Harbor No - best viewed by boat    
Blue Hill Bay Green Island, Blue Hill Bay; Nearest town: Brooklin No - best viewed by boat    
Boon Island Off the coast of York; Nearest town: York No    
Brown's Head Northwest end of Vinalhaven Island; Nearest town: Vinalhaven Grounds Only   FERRY FROM ROCKLAND
Burnt Coat Harbor Hockamock Head, Swans Island; Nearest town: Swans Island Grounds Only-Ferry from Bass Harbor   FERRY FROM BASS HARBOR
Burnt Island Entrance to Boothbay Harbor; Nearest town: Boothbay Harbor public tour and educational program-call (207) 633-2284 207-633-9542 BOAT
Cape Elizabeth Entrance to Casco Bay; Nearest town: Cape Elizabeth No    
Cape Neddick Cape Neddick, near entrance to York River; Nearest town: York No 207-363-1040 END OF NUBBLE ROAD/YORK BEACH
LIGHTHOUSE LOCATION Open To Public Phone # Access
Curtis Island Camden Harbor; Nearest town: Camden Sightseeing cruises from Camden Harbor 207-236-4404 BOAT FROM CAMDEN HARBOR
Doubling Point Arrowsic Island, Kennebec River; Nearest town: Arrowsic Grounds only-sightseeing cruises available 207-326-4502  
Doubling Point Front & Rear Range Arrowsic Island, Kennebec River; Nearest town: Arrowsic No 207-442-7443  
Dyces Head Mouth of the Penobscot River; Nearest town: Castine Yes 207-326-4502  
Eagle Island East Penobscot Bay; Nearest town: Deer Isle No    
Egg Rock Entrance to Frenchman Bay - Nearest town: Winter Harbor No    
Fort Point Mouth of Penobscot River; Nearest town: Stockton Springs Yes 207-567-3356
Franklin Island Muscongus Bay; Nearest town: Friendship No 207-546-2124  
Goat Island Cape Porpoise Harbor; Nearest town: Kennebunkport, No   BOAT
Goose Rocks Fox Islands Thorofare, Penobscot Bay      
  Nearest town: North Haven No 207-734-2253  
Great Duck Island Blue Hill Bay approach; Nearest town: Frenchboro No 207-288-5015  
Grindle Point Gilkey Harbor, Islesboro; Nearest town: Islesboro Yes   FERRY FROM LINCOLNVILLE BEACH
Halfway Rock Casco Bay; Nearest town: South Harpswell No    
LIGHTHOUSE LOCATION Open To Public Phone # Access
Hendricks Head Sheepscot River Entrance. Nearest town: West Southport No    
  Greens Island, entrance to Hurricane Sound      
Heron Neck Nearest town: Vinalhaven No 207-367-2261  
Indian Island Rockport Harbor, Penobscot Bay; Nearest town: Rockport No    
Isle Au Haut Robinson Point. Isle au Haut Thorofare; Nearest town: Isle au Haut Yes 207-367-2261 FERRY FROM STONINGTON
Libby Island Machias Bay entrance; Nearest town: Machiasport No    
  Little River Island, Cutler Harbor      
Little River Nearest town: Cutler No 207-646-0515  
Lubec Channel Lubec Channel; Nearest town: Lubec No 207-372-6450  
Mark Island Jonesport   207-546-2124  
Marshall Point Entrance to Port Clyde Harbor; Nearest town: St. George Yes 207-372-6450 ROUTE 131 SOUTH FROM THOMASTON TO MARSHALL POINT ROAD
Matinicus Rock About five miles from Matinicus Island, Penobscot Bay. Nearest town: Matinicus Yes   BOAT FROM MATINICUS ISLAND
Monhegan Island Nearest town: Monhegan Yes 207-596-7003 FERRY FROM PORT CLYDE
LIGHTHOUSE LOCATION Open To Public Phone # Access
Moose Peak Mistake Island. Nearest town: Jonesport No    
  About 20 miles south of Mount Desert Island      
Mount Desert Rock Nearest town: Frenchboro No 207-288-5015  
  Pond Island, Narragaugus Bay. Nearest town:      
Narraguagus Milbridge No    
Nash Island Southeast mouth of Pleasant Bay; Nearest town: Addison No - best viewed by boat 207-677-2494  
Owls Head West Penobscot Bay, entrance to Rockland Harbor; Nearest town: Owl's Head Yes 207-941-4014 KNOX COUNTY LIGHTHOUSE PARK/OFF ROUTE 73
Pemaquid Point Entrance to Muscongus Bay and John Bay; Nearest town: Bristol Yes 207-677-2494 ROUTE 130
Perkins Island Perkins Island, Kennebec River; Nearest town: Georgetown Yes   BOAT
Petit Manan Off Petit Manan Point. Nearest town: Milbridge Yes 207-767-7650 PRIVATE BOAT
Pond Island Mouth of the Kennebec River; Nearest town: Georgetown No 207-799-2661  
Portland Breakwater Portland Harbor; Nearest city: South Portland Yes   "BUG LIGHT PARK" OFF BREAKWATER DRIVE
Portland Head Portland Harbor / Casco Bay. Nearest town: Cape Elizabeth No: Call (207) 799-2661 207-799-2661 1000 SHORE ROAD/FORT WILLIAMS PARK
LIGHTHOUSE LOCATION Open To Public Phone # Access
Prospect Harbor Prospect Harbor Point. Nearest town: Prospect Harbor Occasionally for special events    
  Eggemoggin Reach / Penobscot Bay.      
Pumpkin Island Nearest town: Little Deer Isle No    
Ram Island Fisherman's Passage, Boothbay Harbor by appointment; call (207) 882-9721; cruises leaving Boothbay Harbor 207-633-4727  
  Nearest town: Boothbay Harbor Boothbay Harbor    
  Portland Harbor / Casco Bay      
Ram Island Ledge Nearest town: Cape Elizabeth No; accessible by boat only    
Rockland Breakwater Jameson Point, Rockland Harbor. Nearest city: Rockland weekends in summer from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 207-785-4609 207-443-3877 END OF BREAKWATER/WALDO AVENUE & SOMASET ROAD
Saddleback Ledge Isle au Haut Bay; Nearest town: Vinalhaven No - best viewed by boat 207-799-6337  
Seguin Mouth of Kennebec River; Nearest town: Georgetown Island open to private boaters, cruises available, lighthouse open for occasional tours.   BOAT FROM BATH, POPHAM BEACH, OR BOOTHBAY HARBOR
Spring Point Ledge West side of Portland Harbor; Nearest city: South Portland Yes 207-767-7488 BREAKWATER/FORT PREBLE AREA
LIGHTHOUSE LOCATION Open To Public Phone # Access
Squirrel Point Arrowsic Island, Kennebec River. Nearest town: Arrowsic No; views available by cruise 207-733-0911  
  Southern Island, Tenants Harbor, Penobscot Bay      
Tenants Harbor Nearest town: Tenants Harbor ( A village of St. George No; best seen by boat    
  Cape Newagen / Booth Bay Approach No; best seen by boat;    
The Cuckolds Nearest City: SOUTHPORT sightseeing cruises available    
  Two Bush Channel, Penobscot Bay      
Two Bush Island Spruce Head No; best seen by boat 207-546-2124  
West Quoddy Head Easternmost point in the U.S., Bay of Fundy. Nearest town: Lubec No 207-733-2180 QUODDY HEAD STATE PARK/ROUTE 189
Whaleback Portsmouth (New Hampshire) Harbor ; Nearest town: Kittery No    
Whitehead Island Whitehead Island, Penobscot Bay; Nearest town: St. George By special arrangement; best seen by boat    
Whitlock's Mill St. Croix River; Nearest city: Calais No; best seen by boat 207-454-2604  
  Mark Island, Winter Harbor. Nearest town: Winter      
Winter Harbor Harbor No; best seen by boat    
Wood Island Mouth of Saco River; Nearest town: Biddeford Pool No; Boat only    
LIGHTHOUSE LOCATION Open To Public Phone # Access

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